Sunday, 22 July 2018

Serve up happiness

Over the years, I would find myself deferring happiness.  I would stop myself buying or doing something, as I felt it was not the right time to do it, or would feel that it was unnecessary.

I would not spend on a pair of jeans knowing that I didn't need it, or we had stayed in the same place because it was still convenient and didn't want to move, even though the place was small.  Partly there was a cost element, and felt it was unjustified; partly there was laziness and general inertia, after trying to move and a few false starts in the process.

However, recently, I have had to move house.  The old place was experiencing water seepage from the upstairs unit, resulting in wall degradation and mould.  It was terrible in that the place smelled of wet sand and I really didn't want to sit in my living room.  So the decision was made to move to a new place and take the opportunity to find a bigger space.  While the cost was considerably more, after some extensive searching, we settled on a new place - something which we would enjoy for a while.  Over the last few weeks, I had realised that the place can make us happy.  I think our original place was good for us when we first moved, but over the years the limitations had really set in.  Small kitchen and general space did not allow us to have our friends over.  We were finding it difficult to cook for even the two of us, resulting in lots of eating out and takeaway.  Outgrown the space in terms of storage and it was truly convenient but was on somewhat of a main road which had buses and cars passing frequently.What our new place lacks in convenience is offset with the space, flexibility, storage and quiet surrounds.  I never realised how much noise there was before, but definitely can appreciate the difference in being in a quieter neighbourhood. All this time, I had been missing out on this because I didn't want to pay up for it. 

To some degree, we have to responsible for our own happiness and create an environment which I want to come back to every day - and create more of a home.  In that short space of time, we have bought the coffee machine we have wanted and updated certain elements to do just that.  I just never realised how big a difference it can have on the way one thinks or feels - creating more a positive mindset and outlook.  So perhaps it is about time to reboot and rethink how I approach making myself happy! 

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Notepad Scribbles 20180715

A bit over half the year has already gone by and I have to say, this year has seen a lot of change already.  Some was slow and some has been much faster.

I had lamented the fact that it had been challenging and the difficulty sometimes of staying mentally focused while not seeing results.  So the first positive is that in some areas, it is that the slow grind has shown some improvement.  It has justified the perseverance and the consistency.  Not knowing the outcome until afterwards.  But now, it has breathed extra life into the activities which is great to see.  While there has been a lot of stop starts and trial and error to find what works and doesn't work, it feels good when things are under control - if even just for now.

The other large changes have been moving. If ever one moves, one realises how much clutter and extra belongings one has hoarded over time - some lost in a black hole of forgetfulness or misplacing items.  Finding things can sometimes be a joy - but dismay when I realise I have bought more of the same due to being absent minded! It's also a good time to assess whether some things are relevant and some things just need updating or replacing.  Definitely been a great exercise for de-cluttering, perhaps due to being sentimental or just a hoarder mentality.  One thing I know is that I hoard quite a bit of paper (no, have not gone paperless just yet) and some I never look at again. Probably need to rethink that strategy to be honest!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

End of an era

It took me a while to make the decision on the way in.  I decided that it was time to go.

It definitely held a special place - being my first vehicle.   The learning experience about buying a car.  The excitement and freedom of going around in it. Driving it to the country roads.  

But as things age, like a lot of things, more niggles started to creep in.  Certain things requiring more maintenance or requiring fixing.  Pipes, air-conditioning, roof sagging to name a few.  I was getting sick of just not working.

However, new cars these days are so well equipped.  Close to base model cars already have reverse cameras; multi-airbags; auto headlights; auto windwipers; sat-nav; not to mention phone connectivity!  I don't even know what to do with the CD's in my CD stacker!  However, the big factor for me was that I was not using it and know that it was taking up space and kept draining my wallet for no reason apart from real nostalgia.  Of course, the new safety features are super important - rather feel cocooned in safety features rather than the none - no matter how much nostalgia there is!

Not sure whether it is my age, but I certainly feel the ride of the new cars more comfortable while also delivering good driving feel.  Definitely a big plus in my mind.

It was definitely an end of an era.  Hope it finds a better home!