Sunday, 7 May 2017


Generally, I consider myself quite fit - playing basketball, soccer etc.
But recently, with a busy schedule, it has not been the case.

My clothes have been feeling tighter in the wrong place - the belly.  The pants, shirts, and jackets have seen a bulge in the midsection - not cool!
Secondly, my back.  Running up and down for sports and jumping has certainly meant more pressure on my back these days - especially with the extra weight I am carrying in the front!  So after any intense sessions of sports, the back needs a few days off to recover.  Muscles feel tight and general discomfort when sitting. Uber not cool.

So, without trying to re-buy an entire wardrobe in order to accommodate my paunch, the only way is to get fit and be more discerning in what I eat.  The sad realisation is that my metabolic rate cannot keep up with my childish eating habits.  No more sugary drinks.  No more eating a block of chocolate/a packet of lollies for afternoon tea.  No more eating a block of chocolate before bed.  No more eating of two desserts. No more beer....ok, less beer.  Dieting is good - and interesting that people many years my junior have already adopted these hard lessens and yet I have not.  Gotta face the fact that I just need to watch what goes in.  So let's see how that goes.

While I do play sports I don't exercise for sports. I don't do any training to build muscles in the right areas or other areas.  I think that needs to change if I want to a) continue to eek out a few more years and b) if I want to keep my back protected.  Doing yoga has really highlighted my limited flexibility - so bad with any back exercises.  So will need to do some exercises to really improve that from here on in.  Losing excess weight should help too.

Mind over matter from here on in.  Or should I say, mind over body and fight those excesses!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Against the grain

Sometimes, things just don't go your way. 

Like when you leave the house at a particular time and see the bus pull away. 

But sometimes, these things don't come in a drizzle.  It will rain - and not the garden variety, but cats-and-dogs variety.

So you've missed the bus and have to wait 20mins for the next one.  Of course you had wanted to be early today.  Pulling out your phone, you realise that your phone battery has dies.  At which you point you rummage through your bag and there is no charger in there. Awesome. Then it starts raining. and you have not umbrella. What the....

There are times where I get the sense that some people are just lucky - and perhaps more lucky than me.  Like the guy who doesn't get wet as a bus brings up the gutter water onto the pedestrians, while everyone else is soaked.  Is it really just really good planning and foresight, I wonder?  Or am I just being superstitious?

Separately, reading books like "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell were certainly interesting - as a way to understand these outliers and the positive reinforcement select groups of individuals might have due to some circumstance which might be unrelated. While the reverse is also true for those who are not part of that group.  I subscribe to that view that sometimes, the situation which lands one in a particular position helps the next step but perhaps we need to be focused on where we are going more consciously and try to influence that sphere which we can influence and step into, thereby enhancing the opportunities to move forward. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Disaggregated purchase

Many moons ago, I had discussed some of my thoughts and experiences of shopping. How the world has evolved with changes in technology and taste. 
I had always liked to believe that I was not much of a spender, but I am sure like everyone else, the temptations are sometimes too great. 
Unfortunately, I like to research a lot as well and leads to a much deliberation - more so with whether I can live with the cons and see what other's user experience has been.

One of the more recent ones has been for suits.  While it still has it's place as a staple in some office environments, I always had a fascination with it when I was looking at photos or watching movies where the suit was a much more common attire. I had heard that going to the movies meant dressing in a suit, rather than jeans and a t-shirt!  The realisation is that I probably need to give up the comic t-shirts at some point in my life - and that time is drawing to be sooner - much sooner!

Of course one can buy off the rack, but unfortunately as we are all quite different, I have found off the rack suits rather difficult to fit well as it really depends on their "house" cut which ends up requiring many alterations.  This has led me down the path of tailoring - as I worry less about labels and more about fit.

My journey in tailoring only had started recently, and traced back to recommendation by a relative.  Also as I was growing up I had seen some of the tailors who went to people's office, which I had thought was very cool at the time!  So over the years I had built up and tried a few tailors and made a few suits.  Tailoring means that it suits your body shape at that time - and unfortunately I have not been able to keep my body shape size static.  My earlier commissions have been retired from service and they were cheaper and less well made in terms of detail, stitching and comfort, and cloth selection.    Over the years I learned (mainly through a friend) about the reasons for the pricing differences - and progressing from fused to full canvass, functioning jacket buttons (yes some jackets have sleeve buttons which don't actually open the jacket), different lapels, button stances, side tabs for pants, vent positioning,.... the list of details goes on, leading to a dazzling permutation of combinations to choose from, not to mention fabric choice.  

Unfortunately, after experiencing the positives of good tailors, cutters and fabrics, the decision to go back is a hard one, as the details would gnaw at me.  However, the cost of  this hobby has really only gone one way, so as one who loves a bargain I have been searching for other ways to get close to similar quality, without paying overs.  This has led me to trying to search for fabrics and take that directly to the tailors, finding cheaper tailors.  Of course this can lead to varying results but so far it has been fun, but time consuming, to say the least!  Travelling to various places to get things done, researching and building contacts - all of this takes a whole lot of time.  But the results can be quite satisfying as I slowly build up knowledge and experience in the area.  It's different to see a swatch of cloth, vs a bolt of cloth, and going to a building full of various tailors - my version of a kid in a candy store!  I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up, given I have been quite time poor - but the experience is certainly has been pretty cool and hopefully the results get even better!