Monday, 17 January 2005

Scratch and sniff

"So while we were all crammed into the one carriage and there was no air-con, " my friend relayed to me, with regards to a particular commute to work by train. "This small girl was standing near a pole, and this huge guy came over and put his arm up to grab the pole. Only that this guy's shirt was clearly stained and saturated with what could only have been identified as sweat and her face was practically rubbing his wet armpits. I had a blocked nose and I could smell it. Poor girl."

I was thinking about this for a while and thought this is something I don't miss about being back in Sydney. It is so relaxing to be able to walk to work, the breeze in your face and having space was such a great feeling.

Thankfully, the bus fleet which services my area has been largely upgraded to air-conditioned buses, so the summer heat is definitely bearable even when the maximum loads are applied.
But the trains and train stations (the underground ones in particular) are practically furnaces. The trek to the platform is enough to induce beads of sweat on most people - let alone the train ride itself. There's almost a collective sigh of relief as the doors open at my stop. There's a mad rush to get out of the station and into the adjacent shopping centre or an office environment to cool down.

Let's face it - most people do perspire but it depends on the degree. I can be rather self conscious some times and I do wonder whether I stink - whether it be at work after a commute or after playing sport. I mean, what if someone thought I really stank the whole place out? That would be very embarassing wouldn't it? Would I have the guts to tell someone? Probably not - I mean how would one go about hinting that to someone? Buy them a deodorant pack for Kris Kringle??? Say something like, "Hey they were giving out deodorant packs at the station and I managed to pick up two. Do you want one??" What if they responded, "No, that's ok. I don't use deodorant."

However, some people go out for runs/gym etc and come back as if they never went out to be active. What's the story there?

To be fair, generally there aren't many girls who smell bad (not including bad chocies in perfume) . I have to give them credit - how do they do it?

* Maybe people should wear some sports gear that are "specially designed to shift perspiration away from the body, and keep you cool."...

* Maybe people should ensure that deodorant is available readily everywhere they go...

* Maybe I should just learn to be less self conscious...

* Maybe all of the above!

Would I want to know if I was bothering others? Yeah - for the reason that I can actually do something about it and take corrective steps to stem the stench. I don't want to be know as "stinkikin" now, would I?

Monday, 10 January 2005

Sales 'tude

Gosh the weekends seem to just evaporate. Perhaps I was spoilt with those three/four day weekends, but they go by so quickly.

On Saturday, I decided to go for a test drive (just for fun). Hadn’t driven manual in a while (make that three years), but obviously had to drive the manual version of the 350Z Roadster. Very nice car I have to say! Bad part was having dirt and leaves blowing into the car and that my arms were burnt from having the top down. Only problem was that it doesn’t fit a set of golf clubs! I hit the driving range in the afternoon and tested out my friend’s new R5 460CC driver. The sweet note of hitting the ball cleanly was just as much reward as seeing the ball traveling a great distance.

Sunday morning was a little dreary but decided to go shopping with my little sister. We decided to go out to buy a few choice items but I must have been underdressed for the occasion. I was seriously dished some attitude when I went shopping! What is it about me that I always seem to get snobbed at? Ok, so I don’t dress well, but hey, why on earth do you think I am go shopping in the first place?

Example 1.
Walk into store to look at a shirt. I pick it up and we have the following exchange:

Sales: "Can I help you there?"
Me: "Yes. I was wondering whether I can try this shirt?"
Sales: (*takes shirt from my hand and clutches it protectively*) "Sorry this won’t fit you. This is the last one I have left."
Me: "Right-io..."

That sales was a like Smeagol. *my precious shirt*. What a loser!

Example 2.
Walk into store and I tried on this brown jacket. The salesperson helped us and there were about four jackets in both brown and black on the rack, one in each size. I proceeded to tell the sales that I wanted it.

Me: "Yes, I'll like to take this, except for one problem – there’s a mark on the front pocket."
Sales: "Really? I think it comes off..."(*proceeds to scratch at the mark*)"...I don't think this is on the other ones."(*checks the other jackets on the rack*)
Sister: "Well perhaps you have a new one?"
Sales: " Well all the ones on the rack are new..."
Me: " But they don't have the right size. "(since he was the one who helped us find the size, should know, but anyway...)
Sales: "I don't suppose you want it in the black?"
Me: "Ah no."
Sales: "Well I suppose I could get it in."
Me: "Well then I don't suppose you could check your Melbourne stores?"
Sales: (*checks computer*) "Ah yes they have it..."
Me: "So..."(waiting for him to fill in the blank, but clearly is unable to draw any conclusion for himself)"...can you order it in?" (I was starting to get a little more than exasperated)
Sales: "Are you sure you want it?"
(At this point I’m thinking that this guy is slow...)
Me: "Yes, I do want it."
Sales: "Well, I can’t order it in unless you buy it."
(Is this guy for real??? I was almost speechless!!)
Me: "Yes I will pay for it."
Sis: "So, what if that jacket has a problem with it?"
Sales: (*embarrassed at their apparent lack of quality control*) "Oh. I will get the sales down there to check it before they send it up."

Got to hand it to my sister for putting him in his place. After taking down my name, he proceeded to ask me for my name again when he was entering it into the computer. He was even more embarrassed when he could clearly see that we were getting impatient at him entering the details into the computer. S.L.O.W. I'd hate to see his CV

Example 3
Walk into a particular store not to mention any brands associate with horses, but I was checking out these polo shirts, and the salesperson says: "I don’t have any Medium or Small sizes left".
I'm thinking, "Huh? This guy must be schizophrenic, since I did not say anything".

I mean, honestly, what is it? Really - tell me to my face. Do I need to dress up to look like I can buy something before going into your store? Sure dressed in t-shirt and jeans isn't exactly classy, but why on earth do I need to be dressed up to go shopping?

Is it the way I carry myself? Do I look like a little kid just out of high school?

Crap. I get better service at large chains than those some of those boutique stores. But what I don’t understand is their mentality. I just want to shake them silly and scream, "My purchase keeps in a job, you nincompoop! You idiot! Can't you see that I am not the one working here?"

Friday, 7 January 2005


I guess there is more to me than being a perfectionist.

I recently got sent a link to a
Jung Typology Test. I was a little more than curious, to say the least, so I embarked on the 72 questions with perfectionist tendencies - taking my time with each question and thinking of examples of each to match. However, I thought, "What the heck - it should be based on gut feel anyway!" and rushed through the last third of the questions.

So what am I?

Introverted + iNtuitive + Thinking + Perceiving = INTP

The website then presented a link to some
definitions of INTP.

Apparently, INTPs:
- Are pensive, analytical folk who can be so deep in thought that they are oblivious to the world around them (*hmm. let me see...yeah - I'll tick that*)
- Love playing math (*tick*)
- Enjoy chess! (*tick*)
- Exploring and mastering systems (*tick!*)
- Relatively easy going (*er...tick?...ok this is starting to freak me out!*)

That was an interesting exercise!

But I guess that people do change over time (I know I did) and the outcomes are probably dependant on what you happened to feel at that point in time too! From what I have observed though is that people normally have a range of characteristics and can sway from one side to the other.

(This reminded me of one topic discussed in a recent course I attended. The topic focused on the different social styles of an individual. The particular point which impressed me, was that armed with the knowledge of one audience's social style, one can tailor material to appeal to one's audience. I think I will experiment with this a little and test out its accuracy.)

quote: "I don't want arms that only Dr Hans Blix can find."

*referring to having skinny arms and not being buff.

Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Another year over and a new one just begun

What did I do to send off 2004? Well, after work (yes - work), I went to my sister's place. She and her husband just came back from their holidays and was kind enough to play host to a small group. Luckily, we went out to get some essentials - beer (Hoegaardens and Carlton Cold). Pity only 4 people drank...I think I guzzled the most!

We kicked off the proceedings by playing drinking games with dice and after dinner, headed down to the vantage point in front of Luna Park for the 9pm fireworks. Nothing special for a quick 10mins. So proceeded to head back to my sister's place and make a start on the Mahjong table. Things were definitely not going my way there! Time-out was called at 11:45pm and we headed back down for the official 12am fireworks. To be honest, I was disappointed! Last year, from the same spot, I could feel the vibrations from the fireworks in my chest. This year, it was tame (and there was sight/sound disparity). Also, what's with that globe on the Bridge which did a whole lot of nothing! Anyway...

Goodbye 2004!

Welcome 2005!

Went back to my sister's place to finish more beer and mahjong. First lesson of 2005 : beer and mahjong do not mix, especially if you want to concentrate and win. Lost heavily! **sniff**
Anyway, wrapped things up at around 5am.

I spent the first day of the year recuperating - at my sister's place! I ate, watched DVDs (Shrek 2, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Johnny English) and then my parents came and we all had dinner together. It was pretty good, but I could tell my sister and brother in law were rather exhausted.

The 2 Jan was spent celebrating my good friend's birthday! My friend, his girlfriend and another friend had brunch at Bills 2 - it was great! This was followed by a scenic walk around Vaucluse and the Heads area. Very peaceful and relaxing - I had never known such a walk even existed! I was tired by the end of it - definitely a hot day!

Managed to squeeze in a round of golf on 3 Jan (gotta love those public holidays)! Low point of the day was realising I forgot my buggy! High point of the day was teeing off to get over a gorge of around 180m without losing a ball! Overall, I didn't play too badly and managed to only win 6 holes which kept me even for the day. Definitely work on my golf game this year - I will probably take lessons.

Due to me not having much luck with Lotto on 31 Dec (it was not a good gambling night for me), I had to go back to work on 4th Jan...a world of joy.