Monday, 14 September 2009

Chugging Along

Many years ago, when I was travelling in a rather hectic manner, I craved some certainty. Certainty as to where I would be next week. Certainty with regards to being able to make plans with friends and family. Being able to join a sporting comp without having to worry about not being able to commit to the team. So one of the big drivers was to come back and inject that certainty in my life. It was also at around the same time, that I saw an exodus of people who had decided that they had been enveloped in too much certainty.

Fast forward three years and here I am with a fair degree of 'certainty' around me. I know that I can respond to invitations and requests a month in advance. I can play sport when I want to without thinking about not committing to the team. I don't feel the urgency to rush out and a maximise my weekends while I am here as I used to. There is a fair amount od freedom in being able to just plan out ahead, rather than have to plan around what lies ahead. In a way, I am happy just chugging along - watching the days blend into weeks; blend into the months.

Sure, sometimes things can get mundane and boring, but at least I have my time back and am able to do things here in Sydney which is less accessible in other places. Although the grass can be greener on the other side, I am happy as to which side of the fence I am sitting. I definitely feel that I am doing activities at my own pace, on my own terms and when I want. There is no need to rush.

Everybody needs a break now and again. Previously, because I was travelling so frequently, my R&R consisted of coming home and doing nothing and going nowhere, as I just needed a break from it all. However, this is in stark contrast to now, where travelling is more about the rest and enjoyment that it was ever before.

Now, time to plan my next overseas trip....