Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Notepad Scribbles #20100316

After my recent trip up to Yamba, I learnt how easy it is to make a pizza. So in effort to kick off my resolution to start cooking, I decided to see give it a go. So here was my first attempt at a pizza... Before: and after 12mins in the oven: The pizza had a topping of tomato paste, cheese, fresh mushrooms and salami. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the panchetta, otherwise it would have been more salty and probably would have tasted a bit better. Overall, it was an easy enough exercise which was done within half an hour all up! It almost took as long at the supermarket to buy all the ingredients!

In other news, it appears that the my previous thoughts of a
lucky thirteen turned out to be rather unlucky. See reviews of Final Fantasy XIII here at ign. Admittedly, I was disappointed with the reviews - especially since this has been in production for so long and I was looking forward to this game. Honestly, a time poor person like me can't afford to spend time on games which aren't good, so I do rely on these reviews to help me weed out the mediocre stock. Well, I guess I might get around to it once I finish my backlog of games.

Yamba was relaxing and fun (apart from the 9hr drive each way). The days were filled with reading, multi-player New Super Mario Bros and fishing - although the fish could have been bigger!