Wednesday, 6 April 2005



I doesn't seem like a long time - but it has been. I can't believe that an entire month and half has gone by - things just seem to move so quickly. It feels like I have been in a time warp.

Work has been rather busy and eating up most of my time. In my quest to achieve balance, I decided to up the hours I spend going out too! Unfortunately, this took its toll on me and here I am sitting at home sick. Obviously, that balance I mentioned earlier needed to include rest. Oh well!

One would think that I would be thinking of a million things to do while I gleefully clutched my medical certificate. Obviously, sick leave is the perfect excuse to play video games, watch movies and play golf! But no. I decided to take some rest and get better soon. This is probably the first time in around 3 years when I felt so sick I needed to take sick leave. More than anything, I realised that I needed rest.

Dedicating so much time at work really makes one wonder what is all for? Work will still be there tomorrow. If things don't get done, someone else will step up to the plate and do the job. Resigning will only manage to piss people off for not telling them earlier. That's about it.

A colleague saw my security pass and asked me when that photo was taken. Thinking back, it has been a while. Over the years, it has been interesting catching up with my fellow start group members. Many have moved on to other things they wanted to do - working in , becoming a lecturer, relaxing in a less demanding work like contracting, taking unpaid leave or building huts in Thailand.

Wouldn't it be great to be free from the shackles of having to work and doing it just for fun?

My chemistry teacher was apparently a millionaire. He speculated on a couple of gold mining stocks earlier in his life and they went from sub $1 to over $100. Naturally, cashing in on this he made a small fortune. All the students were incredulous.When truanting and getting away from school was a school boy's entire reason for existance, we could not understand why he was coming back for more punishment. "Why would you want to put yourself through the misery of looking after a group of mischevious school boys when you can be relaxing and doing nothing?"
He shrugged and mentioned that it was something for him to do, kept his mind busy and said that he did not need to work, but it was a choice he made because he liked it.

Looking at my parents I think that they are lucky to be able to retire and lead a more relaxed and comfortable lifestyle without the hassles of working. I guess they have gone through their own tough times to get there.

I hope I can get to that stage where I can retire and live comfortably. I will have the freedom to do all the things that I want to do.

I think I need to dedicate more time to figuring that out. Perhaps I need to just work smarter and not harder.

quote: "I want to bang a mouse"

*referring to getting pissed off at work and wanting to hit something, so hence the computer mouse.