Sunday, 4 November 2012

Friends again

Another year has flown by.   For some reason I am surprised that I have not updated a single post for over one year.  That was the same reaction I had last year with every good intention of updating with much more regularity.  Hmm, I cannot even keep my own word!

I am not sure what it is - sheer laziness; better things to do; just plain busy.  But I am sure that I can come up with a thousand more excuses and reasons for neglecting the updates.  I remember that I used to enjoy writing - about the most random of things and that I did find it rather easy to express my thoughts more easily through just writing than talking.  Having someone special whom which I can be open with  means most of my daily downloads come in the form of verbal rather than written communications.

Being stoic typically does not lend itself well to making new friends, though it would be probably too extreme to classify myself as too socially awkward.  Also, of those who I am friends with, I admit I am not on the front foot when it comes to communicating and keeping in touch.  By no means is it that I do not care - actually far from it.  Personally am not the nosy type and don't want to come across as prying.  
In recent times, I have started re-engaging with friends which has been good - though now as many are scattered across different cities it does make it a little harder. Thankfully, technology has come a long way and has overcome so many obstacles!  In the last two months, I bumped into a few friends on the street - and while certainly a surprise, it was great to see them again.

So with a majority of the year gone, there is only a few months to change all of that - hopefully with a new format too. This time, with a memory getting as porous as a colander, hopefully writing things down will aid me when it comes to remembering events - both from what occurred and my feeling at the time.

Anyway, in keeping with my goal, a photo from the archives - Italy: