Monday, 12 September 2005


I admit, I have been feeling rather unhealthy as of late.

It would possibly have something to do with he fact that:
1) I am injured, therefore no sport (yeah, don't ask)
2) I have been busy at work (and therefore have successfully moulded the seat to my backside)
3) Snacking on very healthy foods (e.g. ice blocks, chocolate, fast food, lollies)
4) Over eating (like having two sandwiches and a Hainanese Chicken Rice for lunch, and then biscuits after lunch)

Signs that I am unhealthy:
1) Walking to the bus stop and feeling puffed. Walking to the train station and feeling flustered. Walking back from lunch and feeling a bit out of breath...ok, maybe just walking.
2) Wearing some pants and having a "muffin top" staring back at me.
3) Feeling hungry for most of the time
4) People commenting that I am eating a lot

All those biscuits, chips, chocolates, ice-creams and burgers finally have won. I feel like my metabolism is like that hare - running at hyper speed in the beginning but now, slowing down and taking a nap...practically hibernating.

In a quest to feel better, I decided to wear some of my "loose" fitting pants, only to find that they were tight now - can you believe it?

I also am feeling like I am tired as of late.
1) I can't stay up to watch TV or play games any more. I start to fall asleep. I used to laugh at those people. Now I don't even know if people are laughing at me - since I am asleep.
2) I want to take afternoon naps - maybe I am just bored, but they feel refreshing. Siestas have to be a good thing. Only problem is trying to fit that in around work.
3) Generally I feel like I am lacking energy (or boost) in the mornings. Maybe it's a lack of iron - who knows?
4) My reaction speeds are slower. This is evident whilst driving at high speeds. On PS2.

I think I need a total lifestyle revamp - consisting of a regime of exercies coupled with a healthy diet

Or maybe I am just getting on and need to accept it. But I won't go out without a fight!