Monday, 26 February 2007

Eye of the storm


I can't believe my 5 months off has nearly drawn to an end....with only 2 weeks remaining! Gosh it has just gone by soooo quickly.

Well, since my last post, I had gone overseas to HK. With a favourable exchange rate and some timely sales, it was definitely the season to be lapping up the good ol' cheap HK wares. While catching up with friends, it was good to see that they are all doing well in HK while shopping was heaps of fun! I have almost vowed to myself to never shop in Oz again due to the horrendously expensive goods for quality. I guess I need to exercise more judgement in what I buy over here. While loading up my suitcase was high on the agenda, my primary reason for heading over to HK was to attend my friend's wedding. Unfortunately, being the lazy person I am, I have yet to upload any photos of that momentous occasion, however, I vow that this will be down before I step back into the office. In any case, congrats to the newly weds once again and it was definitely an honour to have been invited.

The third and final reason for the trip was to fulfil a long time dream of mine which was to visit Japan. Especially given the fact that I had been exposed to much Japanese culture in anime/manga (who can forget Dragonball, SlamDunk, Akira and Ghost in the Shell?) as well as the gaming and great Japanese food. Hence, I was eager to pay tribute to the homeland of such great thought leadership and culture so had been itching to visit Japan for some time. Due to the timing of things, my little sister and I decided to go before we both started work.
Four major words sum up what I think - clean, polite, respectful, presentable. As with my earlier statement, I will hopefully get off my butt before I start work to do a proper write up of my adventures in Japan and elaborate on what I mean.
In keeping with the influence Japan has had on me, I have decided to adopt a neat and tidy approach to my life, so I have started to do some cleaning around my room....geez it is tough work though.

Coming back to Oz has been great - the weather has been absolutely gorgeous and it has been great to see family and friends again and also play some sport and PS2 (gosh I have missed it!)

So after a whirlwind of activities in two countries, I am back in Oz with a whole two weeks of calm before getting back into the routine of working again. As my hiatus draws to a close, I almost feel like I don't want to work any more, but on the other hand I realise that I have racked up a fair few bills which need to paid off...*sigh*. I wish I could be on holidays forever.