Sunday, 31 January 2010

two zero one zero

Not only has the beginning of the year marked a new year, but a new decade. Unfortunately, last decade also marked a new century and millenium, so last decade trumps this one - but a year nonetheless!

Sometimes, I am not sure why New Years Resolutions are so big - as though somehow a new year is going to increase resolve. I think that if one has identified a problem, they should start addressing it early. Here after one twelfth of the year gone, I honestly can't say that too much has changed from last year, so now that I have had time to thing about things I would like to do, I shouldn't need to wait until next year right? There are definitely some things I would like to work on namely:
1) Golf - I don't need to be great, I just want to be able to enjoy the game.
2) Video Games - last year marked the start of me being able to get my closure rate up, so hopefully, this year I can continue on that trend.
3) Fitness - still playing golf and soccer, but need to ensure I am fit and still strong. (i.e. lose the gut)
4) Learn photography - skill level is still close to zero, but hopefully will be able to learn more and take beter photos.
5) Cook - well at least learn to not just "reheat" food (i.e. pies) and not rely on cheap pizza Tuesdays. Or cheap pizza Wednesdays. Or cheap pizza Thursdays....(ties back to (3) I guess).
6) Be more organised. This one keeps making the list, but it's so much easier to be lazy.

Hoepfully, I can keep this up and I can reassess where I am later in the year....