Monday, 20 February 2006

Quality of life

A good friend of mine has travelled even more than I have (moving on to five years of travel) and somehow managed to fit marriage into all of that travel.

The last time I had caught up with him, we were discussing our travel and how he did not have much of a life inside his home location any more, his wife was not too happy about the arrangement and how he wanted to come home.

"I think I've given up a lot already for my company and now is about time that they do something for me. If not, then I can always find another job - not that my company pays me much. I think I can easily find another job doing some boring work and get paid a lot more than hang around waiting to move up."

I wonder how much one is willing to give up as a result of work. Working with some people over here, and it appears that some people seem to be going all out with regards to trying to get things done and when I receive an email at 3am I know somethings gotta give...real soon.

Looking back at my time in Sydney, I realised that I miss my time back home. Funnily enough, as I make a transition back home, some of my friends have decided to move out of the country for a couple of years - some longer than others. I am happy that they are living out what they want to do.

My priorities and values over the years have definitely changed (my legs are definitely feeling it...). However, the main thing is to do things which really makes me happy.

Concentration is great, but sometimes, being too focussed and caught up with the task at hand means that I don't worry about the things which are meaningful to me. Often, that means I neglect myself and that around me as I immerse myself in my work. But at what cost? I think it's time I try and get some semblance of a life back - not matter where I am.