Sunday, 28 February 2010

Notepad Scribbles #20100228

In keeping with my 2010 list of things to do, I have worked on number (6) - Being more organised. In this category, I have included facets such as being more neat and tidy. Well, thanks to Chinese New Year, I have given my room a rather thorough clean and discarded large quantities of random bits of paper which had accumulated into a rather large mountain on my desk. This included envelopes from opened letters, marketing letters etc which introduced a dizzying array of clutter around the place. The results have been rather good - and as some would say, it is far easier to maintain than have to keep cleaning up from scratch.

In my clean up efforts, I have also made sure that my paperwork is more up to date - that means filed in a much more efficient manner than my previous method of just building huge stacks of paper which were categorised as "must keep", "need to look through" which was far superior to my previous stacking process whcih was based around years. Strangely, I knew exactly which stack a piece of paper was in - as though the chaos was my memory map.
My current but still rather rudiementary filing system should be enough to see me through to tax time (hopefully!). At lease I find it more efficient!

Also managed to give my car a bit of a clean - the tyres and windows were pretty dirty! At least a silver car doesn't really look that dirty. However, it rained today, so my car got a second rinse for good measure.

Unfortunately, my 2010 list has not seen much improvement in terms of items (1) through (5), so hopefully, I can get back into it after a rather hectic February of catching up with good friends and a busy work schedule!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Final Fantasy

Lucky thirteen. It's almost here - one more month of waiting. I want to wait for the reviews to come out and hopefully Square Enix don't disappoint.

So in preparation of the new Final Fantasy instalment I read some of the history which brought back some memories..To all those who are not familiar with the franchise and history, yes, the title does suggest that it is a bit of a misnomer...

I also took the time to see where the reviewers ranked the games in the series.
Although I have not played all in the list, I have played (and finished) three out of the top four on the list. Admittedly, they are what I would rank as some of the best games I have ever played:
FF X - Really interesting story line and lovely musical score. Didn't manage to get all the secret weapons though.
FF IV - This was the first FF I played and it was really magical. The world(s) were huge and the rebellion was a great twist.
FF VI was definitely one game I fell in love with - utilising a wide range of characters and emotions throughout the game.

One I really didn't get into was FFXII which was ranked quite lowly on the list. *phew*

Thankfully, the upcoming month is shaping up to be a relatively busy one with work, friends and family catch ups. Good thing I can always restore some health with one of these:

Also, still need to tackle the New Super Mario Bros on the Wii. Interestingly, it is RETRO! Bring back those good ol' memories of 2D platformers! Unfortunately, I am a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to gaming, so I probably don't work well when having to co-opearate. Perhaps I get frustrated too easily.

So many games, so little time...