Sunday, 9 December 2012


So having one's own place has definitely been a good thing.  Own freedom to do what I want; furnishing the place to my own liking.  On the down side though, there is a fair bit of cooking, cleaning (cleaning after cooking), ironing, paying bills, tidying up.  It just seems endless in the amount of household duties which needs to get done.  Previously when I was at home, if I asked someone for a gadget there was a pretty high chance we would have it lying around the house....somewhere.  

Upon trying to assemble an Ikea chair and realising that I was not in possession of a a screwdriver, I decided to level up and buy a screwdriver set.  Over the year I have been here, I have slowly accumulated various gadgets which admittedly, I have only used on a few occasions.  I have now a voltage/battery tester, watch tooling kit, a dry box, thermometer, humidity meters.  
As with anything I have bought, things get older and need some fixing and restoring.  Although my father was rather handy, my rudimentary understanding of physics and chemistry has left me only to do the most basic of tasks, like changing a lightbulb or screwing in loose screw.  Recently I did have some problems with my coffee grinder (a very similar model to the Sunbeam EM0480), where the grind was way too coarse (couldn't even use it for French press).  I tried a few different things but to no avail.  When something I have stops working the way I expect, I quickly get disappointed in the product I have spent  my hard earned money on.  Fortunately, I wasn't the first to ever encounter this issue, so it was easy enough to find some materials on the Internet!  I was proud when I finally gave my grinder a good clean and fixed the grinder so now it produces a nice fine grind for my newly acquired coffee machine!

Nowadays, I even find myself discussing with other people where to get good washing powder, laundry bags and shopping for ingredients! I think I am truly becoming more domesticated.

Recently, I have been interested in some leather cleaning and polish products.  I do enjoy seeing my leather goods get a good clean (like my shoes) so hopefully get a chance to test out some of my new goodies (photos to come as well!).