Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bye Bye Blue Skies

Unfortunately, the recent blue skies and the warm glow from the sun has gone missing over the past two weeks - signalling the deep dive into the wintery months, which is a far cry from the messages conveyed in my previous photos. Last week, the thermostat in my car was displayiong a very cool 10 degrees celsius - which I had to double check before believing. The very thought that it was that cold was enough to send me a wave of goosebumps and the sniffles before heading off after soccer.

So now it is time to pull out the winter woolies and brace oneself for the onslaught of chapped lips, icy cold fingers and not to mention sickness. After my close call last year, I really don't want another dose of illness, so I think I have to start taking extra precautions to avoid complications - as prevention is definitely better than a cure in these instances! Admittedly, I had not been feeling well over the last month so I just need to ensure I get enough sleep, rest and Vitamin C! Not sure whether loading up on cold and flu tablets are any good, but it has definitely helped me over the last few weeks as I fought off some rather stubborn coughing and sniffles.

Going in to work early means that it is before sunrise while heading in, while any trip home after 5pm is already starting to feel significantly darker and gloomier. Such a great start and end to every day!

It is always the darknest and the coldest time before the dawn, so I guess I just need to hang in there and wait for it all to start warming up again!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Notepad Scribbles #20100504

We recently tried Clipper Cafe in Glebe. It was on a bit of whim as a few weeks prior, they were closing when we wanted to grab a late lunch. Determined not to be denied a second time, we went again - and I do admit that it is quite good.

I think I am an addict as I normally have two coffees during breakfast of baked eggs! The somewhat weird part is that table water comes served in a long neck beer bottle!
So far I have been three times, so they must be doing something right! It is definitely a great spot for affordable brunch. Be warned that there is no air-con, so may not be the right place for a sweltering summer day.

I have been trying to make the most of my recently acquired tools:

Here are some random shots taken around the place