Sunday, 25 January 2015


Another year another post it seems.  The early months in the year always start with such good intentions but seem to fade so quickly!

Reflecting on my single post last year, 2014 definitely ended up being a travel year.  I went to new places in Brazil, Indonesia and squeezed in trips to Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia!  Hopefully get time to look at some of the photos too!

Can't believe that I have been to the gym for a year.  I definitely feel that going has it's benefits but with a hectic year (hey when is it never) it was harder to watch improvements as consistency was a factor.  Definitely requires some discipline so hopefully something to work on in the coming year.

It was funny how I mentioned the potential for upgrades last year and definitely I could sense a theme there.  I did decide to upgrade my computer to a new small form factor (SFF) computer.  While I did do research for a while, when it came down to executing the trade and buying the equipment I ended up being quite decisive - quite a first for me actually!  So here I am typing this up on a (relatively) new computer.
My PS3 refused to accept my tender loving care of a DIY job of opening it, cleaning it and trying to fix the flashing red lights.  The equipment required to fix it was a heat gun which would have been a quarter of the cost and so the cheap me decided to use a hairdryer.  A travel hairdryer.  It certainly did not reach the requisite temperatures (I would have no hair if that were the case) and as such the fix was temporary in that it lasted it mere month.  Fortuitously, one of my friends was upgrading to a PS4 and as such his PS3 was on the market which was great for me. It was an easy decision as there were still a few games on backlog and helped me hold fire on the PS4...for the time being.

If it were not obvious, I often like to hold onto things.  I had some pairs of shoes which had long been worn out but I had gotten them repaired multiple times - and the repairs were only lasting around 6 months.  It was time to clear those out and actually start using my new shoes.  These new shoes had been sitting in my cupboard but I didn't want to break them out until my old shoes were worn out.  
I also needed a bit of a work clothes refresh. Why?  Well the gym sessions accompanied a change of diet and I actually could fit back into the suits which I had tailored around 7 years ago (I like to hold onto things, remember?). Boy was I proud!  These were the first suits I had tailored! As one can imagine, those seven year old suits had taken quite the beating.  The subsequent suits I had made were ill fitting now as I had lost a fair bit of weight.  So it was time to get with the times for a bit of a threads update and it has definitely been a learning experience!

During last year I had also made a few purchases in the photography equipment and accessories department.  Hopefully I can put together some more information of the different items to document all the progress!

Enough about 2014. 2015 is what I should look ahead to right?  Apart from a continuation of activities from last year of course.
For me, it will be interesting as I have decided to play competitive basketball again and want to get fit enough to be competitive.  More motivation to learn
I still have an eagerness to learn and so want to really keep up with the photography.  Think a language will be handy so learning a new language will be good too!
These days I certainly don't read and write as many novels as I used to and that will be an area of focus moving forward. Perhaps more blogging will help? My record would suggest otherwise though!