Monday, 20 April 2009

Another year...?

Geez, it has been a while since I last posted. Reading my only post for 2008, I had fallen back into my previous habit of just being lazy. As much as I had some grand ideas of posting, that had fallen by the wayside and I didn't dust off the keyboard to make some changes. I must admit, the past year has been extremely hectic, but I myself admit that I have posted at an appalling rate.

Over the last year, perhaps I was too ambitious in trying to play basketball four times a week, and indoor soccer and golf while trying to pick up a few other things as well.
But like all things in one's life, it takes time to nurture and do well in each activity - things don't just come naturally or just "happen". (I wish I had the skills of Jarod from The Pretender).
So I have come to the conclusion that being time (and resources) poor, like many companies these days, I need to downsize the activities I am undertaking and stick to core competencies or strengths (hmm, not sure that I have that many of those though). This rationalisation has also considered the fact that for some activities continued participation may see my getting worse and not better over time. Yes, I am feeling older so I think it is prudent to cut back on the uber exertive exercise such as basketball and soccer. Not only are my joints reminding me, but so is the opposition who plays with far more skill, speed, accuracy (damn it).

I guess I now need to maximise my time which I have released as a result of making these changes and not stay too lazy...