Sunday, 2 September 2007

Man, I can't believe September has rolled around. Where has the time gone! I guess so much has happened this year and still happening it is rather strange to see it through my eyes.

I caught up with some friends recently, after taking a bit of a breather from what appeared to be one of the busiest times in the year for me. Checking my calendar multiple times in a day was mandatory as I ran around town trying to make all my appointments. It was definitely a very hectic period. As the slowdown approached the first meeting seemed like such a long time ago. I almost felt lost like, "whoa, what just happened?".

Over the past few weeks, I have learnt much more about myself and started analysing myself in a different way. Sometimes, it is scary how history can repeat itself. Even if you think that it can't possible be, but there is a small section in the brain which questions that. Someone once said to me, "if one thinks that history doesn't repeat itself, then they just have not been around long enough!"

I wonder if it is very difficult for someone to change - or what does it take for someone to change? I wish I could have taken a snapshots in points in my life so that I could run a compare on myself over different stages and see the differential between two points in my life. That would be cool. I wonder if that's why people write diaries so that they one day can look back on that and remember what they were thinking or feeling at a particular day or point in my life. Alas, that can't be done, and my writing habits are pretty loose (just take a look at the number of posts!). Doesn't help given that I am such a grandpa and sleep before 12am....