Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hardware Reset II

Out with the old and in with the new. 

Further to my previous post, I have had a pretty busy time at work with some rather late nights and dinners.  In between all of that, I managed to upgrade my HDD from a 120GB to a 500GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue.  The upgrade process was pretty painless having familiarised myself from the RAM upgrade.  The longest part was reinstalling all the software!  It has been much better now rather than having to worry about capacity constraints.

Also, my recent trip to Orange was a rather different experience.  Venturing past the Blue Mountains (Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth would be proud) the drive was done through some heavy rain.  Unfortunately, the roads were narrow, and a semi-trailer going in the opposite direction kicked up a rock which ended up cracking my windshield.  Shops opening on weekend were somewhat limited, and the local auto store didn't offer a sound solution to a crack of 15cm.  Also, I was meaning to change my "semi-slick" tyres after the trip and we experienced icy and snowing conditions!  Smart one!
Thankfully, we got back safely, and my windscreen was fixed (I knew the one free windshield annual extra would pay itself one day!).  Furthermore, I changed my tyres as well (rego also hitting soon, so may as well).  I decided to give the Bridgestone Adrenalins a go from the perspective of being semi-performance.  Compared with the stock Michelin SX-GT's the ride is much firmer (could be the sidewall being stiffer or the tyre pressure) and feel slightly less grippy.  I've only clocked around 70kms on them, so they probably could do with a few more to run them in properly.  Time will tell.

Of course as true testimony of my devotion to my car, I did ran a Mothers clay bar over my car - which managed to lift off the specks of brown sap which had been there for about one year.  Admittedly, the car was silky smooth after that, like a brand new car.  This was quickly followed by some Meguirs Gold Class Wax.  All that elbow grease, I hope the drag on the car was reduced haha!

Finally, blogger templates needed a refresh of course.  It was time for a different look, and the coffee theme was apt given the four I consume a day!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Link to the past

Over the last few weekends, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has really absorbed my time. I had started playing this game a while ago, but I was frustrating stuck at a point in the game and abandoned it (put down to some poor Wii controlling on my part).   But as the old adage goes, practise makes perfect and so after another 2hrs evaporated (and countless in-game deaths), I was finally through!
Sure, the graphics may not be the most realistic, but the playability is what shines through.  
It is a rather engrossing game, with a quest objective throughout the game.  As the dungeons are defeated and new weapons/tools are added to the armory, previously inaccessible areas are opened up - which really adds to the exploration element of the game.  These also add to future complexity of puzzle solving as it requires observation and the ability to integrate and apply prior knowledge and skill.  I still have yet to finish the game, but hopefully I can work my way through it soon!

I remember playing the original Zelda game on the NES back in the 1990's.  It was a great game that stretched the limits of an 8-Bit gaming system.  The maps were huge and the dungeons were tricky.  The odd game for me was the Zelda II which had a top down and side scrolling element.  Zelda III was one of my favorites as it was the only incarnation on the SNES but really had incorporated some new elements while returning to the true top-down perspective.  Unfortunately, no N64 or GameCube meant I missed out on a few episodes!

In all the Zelda games I have played, the underlying theme/formula was largely in common - starting off as an average joe and after helping someone out (and picking up a sword no doubt) end up on a large quest (ahhh, how simple life can be!).  The process of slowly upgrading, listening to villagers speak of rumours or legends can lead to some real rewards which ends up transforming the character into a warrior who eventually has enough at his disposal to send off the evil enemy.  (Hmm, come to think of it, there are a lot of games which use this thematic...).

Playing these games at a young age, I really enjoyed the way in which the characters matured.  Looking back over the years, I wondered whether I had followed a similar trajectory to the in-game hero.  I remember starting out at uni and work rather eager to conquer the world....yet here I am so much more "mature" and still playing games with the same thematic some many years later!  Although it's so easy to just keep pressing "Continue", perhaps I just need to get out some more!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Conforming to success

The bus ride going in to work is a rather mundane affair - the place is filled with people keeping to themselves and heading off to making their living. It was therefore a stark contrast to see a group of three young students. All of them couldn't be more than 16yrs old. Their school bags were slung over their shoulder, shirts untucked and they were joking and laughing with one another. One of them even had a rat's tail for a hair cut! (I thought those were LONG gone). It reminded me of times gone past, but I had little time to reminisce on a bus full of ambition. Rather sadly, I looked at everyone on the bus - busy maximising their free time to check emails/listen to music/facebook before going to work. Everyone was smartly dressed - though admittedly, some more than others. Shirts were certainly tucked in and pressed; ties were, symmetry aside, largely done up. Certainly nobody I saw was sporting a rats tail, dreadlocks or a head of hair that Sideshow Bob would have been dwarfed by.

Then I stopped. Why wasn't anybody showcasing that individuality so overtly? Why were we all conforming to dressing neatly and being so clean cut? It was as though that rebellious stage in our life was left behind. Certainly how a person dresses or presents themselves has no true bearing on their abilities. Perhaps our perception of what comes across as success is built around those who are successful in the field and how they dress and act. In all my corporate life, it has been largely defined by the suit (power suit in some instances) and having conservative style - as most photo shoots of CEOs would suggest. So to emulate such a powerful formula of success one imitates those one deems to be successful. This idea perpetuates itself until this point - whereby we are a bus full of people striving for success.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hardware reset

Living in a house means that the wireless connectivity can be rather temperamental at times. My four year old Billion 7300 coupled with a wireless Netgear router (WGT624 v2) suffered from regular dropouts and a wireless signal which couldn't quite reach my room 100% of the time. Updating the firmware only made things worse - resulting in me frequently storming downstairs to reset the router! I was ready to either (a) buy a new router or (b) buy a signal repeater/extender and hence more dollars spent! However, lo and behold, my sis pulls through and somehow scores a relatively new modem/router with Wireless-N capabilities (Netgear DGN2000)! After some quick setup.....Stability - tick. Range - tick (finally get a healthy signal in my room). Speed - tick, tick, tick! The broadband speed tests were improved and Wireless-N at 130Mbps vs a mere 54Mbps on the old technology. Woohoo!

So it has been a while since I got my Macbook. To be honest, I only use it to run a few spreadsheets, surf the web - nothing too strenuous. In between the first day of ownership and now, I have only had a HDD failure and that's it.

Recently, trying to download my photos from my new camera and manipulate a few photos had left me rather frustrated as it was S-L-O-W and clunky. Being a laptop, they are notorious for lack of upgradeability, but the two things which Apple seemed to have gotten right was the ability to add more RAM and add a new HDD which can be done by the owner. Checking the Apple store resulting in me navigating to page requesting some $300+ for 4GB. hmmm.

So I set myself off to find some aftermarket parts. Finding the parts wasn't too hard, as I just used staticice to find some RAM. I even ordered the goods online, so that was a real first for me! After adding some Corsair Value RAM to my Macbook, I have to say, it has run a bit faster and appears to be quite stable! I am suitably impressed...especially since the total cost was way less than half of what the Apple Store were hoping to charge!

100GB HDD just doesn't cut it these days, so that's next on the list of things to upgrade, so hopefully, I can get that up and running by next week. Looks like a 500GB drive is just the thing to fully pimp out my Macbook! Fully sic!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Virtually shopping

I have never really been a big user of eBay or bought much off the internet. I don't have a paypal account. There - I admitted it. Call me backwards (or a grandpa). Strangely though, the so called "explosion" in internet sales which was a much touted affair just over a decade ago has only been represented by a relatively small level of total sales.

One thing that the internet has provided is the ability for research. I think a lot of people are becoming more savvy in their purchases and knowledge of products (rather than get fed some misinformation by some sales people).
However, what is swaying me in the direction of using the internet as shop front is the price discovery and how absolutely outrageous some of the prices we are being charged for goods.

When I was shopping for my camera and accessories, I found that the RRP and even discounted prices here were much higher than online prices were (ok - they were grey imports). I applaud some distributors who are willing to match the grey importers' price, which I think is wonderful news for consumers.

The internet allows retails to cross geographic borders and keeps retailers honest in terms of the pricing and margins being applied.
Sure, Australia being somewhat more remote means it may cost a bit for freight and labour, but some of the pricing discrepancies are quite large. But coupled with being in a high tax environment, it definitely makes me think twice about handing over some of my hard earned dosh.

I also agree that the some goods rely on the shopping experience more than others (e.g clothing), and some goods are just not so suitable for internet purchases (e.g fresh food). Some high value and highly personal goods definitely are about the shopping experience (e.g. leather goods, watches). However, for largely homogenous products, I am happy to look for alternatives.
I am considering some shirts/shoe purchases online now - as impossible as it seemed a few years ago. Anything for a good deal, right?....

Monday, 5 July 2010

Notepad scribbles #20100705

Wow. What a week in football! My take on the two games I watched were:
a) Brazil vs Netherlands - This was definitely a game of two halves. I definitely felt that Brasil had a dominant opening half, before the Netherlands gathered pace and more importantly, did not lose their composure, even while they were down. The sheer determination of the Dutch was inspiring. The way that some Brazilian players lashed out (or stamped on) the Dutch just was not the beautiful game we all love.
b) Germany vs Argentina - Have to really think about backing the Germans following yet another demolition of a quality side in Argentina. However, the Argentinian back three were stretched and masterly exposed (heck they were troubled by Greece in the group stages, so I never thought that they would hold up well against a side which could finish). The German efficiency meant that Argentina could barely manage a shot on goal behind the back four. Interesting that the last team that Australia lost to in both the 2006 and 1974 World Cups were the eventual winners.....who knows what will happen with this German side?

In other news, the World Press Photo exhibition is showing at the State Library. The photos were powerful in their delivery of happenings in the world. The collection of photos were such a cocktail of emotions which really captured the moments and sad truths of events. The photographers were truly talented - in some cases risking their lives in the hopes of capturing 'that' moment. This was my first time going to this event, but will definitely try and see this next year.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Notepad scribbles #20100629

Unfortunately, the green and gold suffered such an early exit from the World Cup, I haven't felt much urgency in putting myself through the pain of waking up early.

Another factor which I feel has dampened my enthusiasm has been some dubious calls in the refereeing department. The problem is that at this stage of the tournament, it is do-or-die. In particular, soccer is already a low scoring game that a single goal can be pivotal.

Or particular note was the blatant mistake surrounding Frank Lampard's goal against Germany. Such a horrendous decision has the ability to turn games. I don't disagree that Germany are a classy outfit which deserved a win, but for England to go from a potential 2-2 scoreline meant that the England team had to push up in search of an equaliser which resulted in two lovely counter attacks which ultimately served to turn the match into a humiliating loss for England.
These kind of mistakes are almost unforgivable in such a tournament - and likely robbing players who work so hard to get a chance of glory. Surely, this only highlights the blatant need for soccer to embrace the 21st century and use some real technology!
The linesmen were clearly watching something else when Tevez scored his header against Mexico - great that they were all eyeing Messi with his cheeky chip! I can't comprehend how all the officials missed that.

Instead, I have been playing Winning Eleven to get my fix of the soccer (and help predict the match results!). I've had to put up with some dubious ref'ing there as well! I might have to get an option file with updated stats though!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Purple, yellow, red and green

Although I had Friday off to make a rather feeble attempt at fishing for my dinner, I was intently trying to get some form of access to the NBA Finals. It was sure to a be classic with Boston Celtics and L.A. Lakers going head to head in a Game 7. Talk about thrillers and a classic rivalry!
Thankfully, I was getting updates - and I had an inkling that the Lakers won when my friend decided to take the Celtics in our side bet and I didn't hear a peep from him after the third quarter. So I now have a ramen to claim from my side wager!
So the purple and yellow jerseys have done it! Go the Lakers!

World Cup fever has hit and has really taking a strong grip of my natural sleeping patterns. I feel a bit hazy at around 2-6am and usually have loaded up on coffee by the time 4pm rolls around! It's like one big hangover when day merges with night.
Firstly, the green and gold Aussie campaign has been a bit of a disappointment in my (not well informed) opinion. Versus Germany, Australia seemed to have gone in with the mentality that the result was a foregone conclusion and that a loss would be expected. So a loss was what Germany dished out to us in what can only be described as a lesson in clinical finishing. The icing on the cake was a terrible challenge by Cahill resulting in a straight red. Although I don't necessarily believe that it was deserving of a straight red, the question which I had was, "What was Cahill thinking?". Seriously - a tackle from behind in the Aussie's attacking half was ambitious at best. It wasn't like he was saving a goal....
Versus Ghana, the Aussies appeared to fare much better, fielding a side which was definitely strong enough. Good job Holman, but Wiltshire should have had a better finishing touch which would have put the game away. Kewells dismissal was harsh, but I believe that it deserved a penalty. The shot was an absolute bullet and there was almost no way he could have moved out of the way.

On the world stage where everyone expects sportsmanship and professionalism, I found certain participants really lacking. The latest example of course has to be during the game between Brazil and the Ivory Coast and the incredulous reaction to what appeared to be Kaka bracing himself for a bump. Fabiano's "touches" for his second goal were also questionable. A winning mentaility is one thing, but with technology so good how could one expect not to be found out by a simple replay? Unfortunately, reputations can be destroyed as easily with an email going viral, so credibility of the player, the referee and the sport will start to get called into question. Perhaps this was redemption for Rivaldo's rather infamous reaction to a ball hitting his feet for a corner kick in the 2002 WC. At least Hollywood won't be short of budding artists....

Finally, the RICE treatment has somewhat helped and the swelling has now subsided. Still out for a few weeks with no impact sports or anything requiring me to pivot on my leg. So the positive news is that it didn't require draining! *fingers crossed*

Monday, 14 June 2010


Motivated by (a) a fitness challenge at work and (b) my doctor mentioning that I had a gut - made me decide to hit the basketball and soccer courts this week. I must admit, I hadn't taxed my body so much since I was playing two days of basketball, two days of soccer per week when I was on my sabbatical - i.e. 4 years ago. As usual, the memory of playing so much sport was much fresher in my mind than the rest of my body, so I was definitely feeling my muscles ache more than usual.

Following a bout of cold and rainy weather, I (as usual) didn't warm up as much as I should have and felt a tweak in my left knee. Disregarding this, I played on and even followed up with soccer the next night. I felt no more tired than usual after two consecutive nights of sport. That was until I couldn't bend my knee. Hmm, so quick self diagnosis recognised swelling but not signs of bruising so I went to work. It wasn't too bad until later in the day, I felt it was getting even more swollen, which prompted a trip to the doctor. Previous trips to the doctor usually involved me hearing what I wanted to hear - but this time I was paying more attention after I have seen two friends have serious knee injuries and requiring knee reconstruction. Fluid behind the patella appears to be the diagnosis, so I guess I need to see if the anti-inflams help before there is further diagnosis. Great - and I am out for three weeks at least by my reckoning. So much for losing weight!

Perhaps I just need to RICE it for now! At least the World Cup in South Africa is on! Unlike some places *cough*HK*cough*, it's free to air here....

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bye Bye Blue Skies

Unfortunately, the recent blue skies and the warm glow from the sun has gone missing over the past two weeks - signalling the deep dive into the wintery months, which is a far cry from the messages conveyed in my previous photos. Last week, the thermostat in my car was displayiong a very cool 10 degrees celsius - which I had to double check before believing. The very thought that it was that cold was enough to send me a wave of goosebumps and the sniffles before heading off after soccer.

So now it is time to pull out the winter woolies and brace oneself for the onslaught of chapped lips, icy cold fingers and not to mention sickness. After my close call last year, I really don't want another dose of illness, so I think I have to start taking extra precautions to avoid complications - as prevention is definitely better than a cure in these instances! Admittedly, I had not been feeling well over the last month so I just need to ensure I get enough sleep, rest and Vitamin C! Not sure whether loading up on cold and flu tablets are any good, but it has definitely helped me over the last few weeks as I fought off some rather stubborn coughing and sniffles.

Going in to work early means that it is before sunrise while heading in, while any trip home after 5pm is already starting to feel significantly darker and gloomier. Such a great start and end to every day!

It is always the darknest and the coldest time before the dawn, so I guess I just need to hang in there and wait for it all to start warming up again!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Notepad Scribbles #20100504

We recently tried Clipper Cafe in Glebe. It was on a bit of whim as a few weeks prior, they were closing when we wanted to grab a late lunch. Determined not to be denied a second time, we went again - and I do admit that it is quite good.

I think I am an addict as I normally have two coffees during breakfast of baked eggs! The somewhat weird part is that table water comes served in a long neck beer bottle!
So far I have been three times, so they must be doing something right! It is definitely a great spot for affordable brunch. Be warned that there is no air-con, so may not be the right place for a sweltering summer day.

I have been trying to make the most of my recently acquired tools:

Here are some random shots taken around the place

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Notepad Scribbles #20100428

So I decided to dust off my basketball boots after a one year hiatus. I decided to turn up for some Tueday night scrimmage for laughs - so others could laugh at me! I seriously hadn't even touched a ball for a while and rust had definitely set into some joints.

Jumping was definitely out. I watched others soar above me as my feet were firmly glued to the ground. I watched others run right past me. I also watched a few shots spray everywhere but in.

So after two long hours of playing (thankfully there were enough rotations to allow me to sit a lot as well) I have come away feeling pretty sore....and likely to be sore over the next few days as well....fantastic.

Also, I managed to pull together some quick shots of my nephew's birthday, starting with cupcakes:

and more mature drinks:

Of course there is play time with the new toys as well!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Whatcha laughing at?

It was looking like I was heading towards a rather ordinary Friday night - with me lacking in new ideas. Drinks, dinner out sounded pretty average and I could tell that it wouldn't be well received. Luckily enough, we were lucky enough to gain some tickets to the Comedy Store at the EQ. Admittedly, I had never even heard about the Comedy Store and so it definitely sparked my interest. We ended up seeing this act.

I have never been to a live stand up comedy act and it definitely reminded me of the stand up routine shown at the beginning of the Seinfeld episodes. There was table service which was good - as it didn't interrupt the show. Also, it was the first time I had tasted VB Raw!

The acts were progressively longer and I personally found them progressively better too. I didn't expect to laugh so much because I find humour to be quite selective. I definitely found the comedians good fun and able to integrate the audience to good effect. It must be hard to think of new jokes and punch lines all the time while also making it relevant to others. With an audience in the mood for a few laughs and a good night out it definitely is good to see the crowd enjoy themselves and laughing heartily at the impromptu jokes. There were witty jokes, stereotypes and downright crude but mixed in just the right amounts for a good night out.

Gee - it's a pretty good role to be able to make people laugh.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Skills Required

So in a further effort to get down into my new targets for the year, I bit the bullet and decided that I needed to stop doing research and waiting for the "latest and greatest" as the opportunity cost was that I was not learning anything and the risk was that a quarter of the year has already gone by! Here is my new toy:

Now I have no excuses and I have to learn more about taking better photos and learn all the camera controls. In this digital age, I gather that post processing is also a key skill to have and so more attributes are required than just pressing a button.

Having moved from a 35mm film based cameras (Minolta and Nikon) to the digital format, I must admit that I find it easier to learn on the spot, rather than having to take down all my settings and then analysing the results when I get the prints back. Nothing worse than thinking I have captured a great moment to only realise that the photo was incorrectly exposed or was out of focus! Not that I can't learn, it's just slow going.

Fiddling with different camera settings and taking the time to delve into photography has made me realise how one's eyes are truly remarkable in being able to focus and detect contrast from light to shade so quickly.

So a sample photo from my new camera is here (and of me taking the photo too!):

At the moment, I am shooting on "borrowed glass" so I know what my next expenditure will have to be!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Notepad Scribbles #20100316

After my recent trip up to Yamba, I learnt how easy it is to make a pizza. So in effort to kick off my resolution to start cooking, I decided to see give it a go. So here was my first attempt at a pizza... Before: and after 12mins in the oven: The pizza had a topping of tomato paste, cheese, fresh mushrooms and salami. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the panchetta, otherwise it would have been more salty and probably would have tasted a bit better. Overall, it was an easy enough exercise which was done within half an hour all up! It almost took as long at the supermarket to buy all the ingredients!

In other news, it appears that the my previous thoughts of a
lucky thirteen turned out to be rather unlucky. See reviews of Final Fantasy XIII here at ign. Admittedly, I was disappointed with the reviews - especially since this has been in production for so long and I was looking forward to this game. Honestly, a time poor person like me can't afford to spend time on games which aren't good, so I do rely on these reviews to help me weed out the mediocre stock. Well, I guess I might get around to it once I finish my backlog of games.

Yamba was relaxing and fun (apart from the 9hr drive each way). The days were filled with reading, multi-player New Super Mario Bros and fishing - although the fish could have been bigger!

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Notepad Scribbles #20100228

In keeping with my 2010 list of things to do, I have worked on number (6) - Being more organised. In this category, I have included facets such as being more neat and tidy. Well, thanks to Chinese New Year, I have given my room a rather thorough clean and discarded large quantities of random bits of paper which had accumulated into a rather large mountain on my desk. This included envelopes from opened letters, marketing letters etc which introduced a dizzying array of clutter around the place. The results have been rather good - and as some would say, it is far easier to maintain than have to keep cleaning up from scratch.

In my clean up efforts, I have also made sure that my paperwork is more up to date - that means filed in a much more efficient manner than my previous method of just building huge stacks of paper which were categorised as "must keep", "need to look through" which was far superior to my previous stacking process whcih was based around years. Strangely, I knew exactly which stack a piece of paper was in - as though the chaos was my memory map.
My current but still rather rudiementary filing system should be enough to see me through to tax time (hopefully!). At lease I find it more efficient!

Also managed to give my car a bit of a clean - the tyres and windows were pretty dirty! At least a silver car doesn't really look that dirty. However, it rained today, so my car got a second rinse for good measure.

Unfortunately, my 2010 list has not seen much improvement in terms of items (1) through (5), so hopefully, I can get back into it after a rather hectic February of catching up with good friends and a busy work schedule!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Final Fantasy

Lucky thirteen. It's almost here - one more month of waiting. I want to wait for the reviews to come out and hopefully Square Enix don't disappoint.

So in preparation of the new Final Fantasy instalment I read some of the history which brought back some memories..To all those who are not familiar with the franchise and history, yes, the title does suggest that it is a bit of a misnomer...

I also took the time to see where the reviewers ranked the games in the series.
Although I have not played all in the list, I have played (and finished) three out of the top four on the list. Admittedly, they are what I would rank as some of the best games I have ever played:
FF X - Really interesting story line and lovely musical score. Didn't manage to get all the secret weapons though.
FF IV - This was the first FF I played and it was really magical. The world(s) were huge and the rebellion was a great twist.
FF VI was definitely one game I fell in love with - utilising a wide range of characters and emotions throughout the game.

One I really didn't get into was FFXII which was ranked quite lowly on the list. *phew*

Thankfully, the upcoming month is shaping up to be a relatively busy one with work, friends and family catch ups. Good thing I can always restore some health with one of these:

Also, still need to tackle the New Super Mario Bros on the Wii. Interestingly, it is RETRO! Bring back those good ol' memories of 2D platformers! Unfortunately, I am a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to gaming, so I probably don't work well when having to co-opearate. Perhaps I get frustrated too easily.

So many games, so little time...

Sunday, 31 January 2010

two zero one zero

Not only has the beginning of the year marked a new year, but a new decade. Unfortunately, last decade also marked a new century and millenium, so last decade trumps this one - but a year nonetheless!

Sometimes, I am not sure why New Years Resolutions are so big - as though somehow a new year is going to increase resolve. I think that if one has identified a problem, they should start addressing it early. Here after one twelfth of the year gone, I honestly can't say that too much has changed from last year, so now that I have had time to thing about things I would like to do, I shouldn't need to wait until next year right? There are definitely some things I would like to work on namely:
1) Golf - I don't need to be great, I just want to be able to enjoy the game.
2) Video Games - last year marked the start of me being able to get my closure rate up, so hopefully, this year I can continue on that trend.
3) Fitness - still playing golf and soccer, but need to ensure I am fit and still strong. (i.e. lose the gut)
4) Learn photography - skill level is still close to zero, but hopefully will be able to learn more and take beter photos.
5) Cook - well at least learn to not just "reheat" food (i.e. pies) and not rely on cheap pizza Tuesdays. Or cheap pizza Wednesdays. Or cheap pizza Thursdays....(ties back to (3) I guess).
6) Be more organised. This one keeps making the list, but it's so much easier to be lazy.

Hoepfully, I can keep this up and I can reassess where I am later in the year....