Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Comfort Zone

"Did you ever think that the reason you are still doing something is because you are in your comfort zone?

The words churned through my mind.

Comfort zone. What is this? Is this when one hits the cruise control, doing everything instinctively and mindlessly? I am definitely comfortable in that scenario. Is it when one takes a holiday, lying around and not doing much? I would be comfortable then too.

One definition is:
"an established lifestyle in which a person feels comfortable as long as there is no drastic change"

Are humans really creatures of change? Or are we resistant to changes in our environment?

There is no doubt in my mind that as humans, we have changed. From subsistence lifestyles to supermarkets. As humans, we have altered the face of this earth through creation of items which serve our needs. Cities, building, cars, trains and planes. All these were human creations in order to make life comfortable.

Now, if suddenly someone said that we could no longer use our cars, would that be a change we would be able to live with? Would we be resistant to that change? My first answer would be a resounding, "YES!". It's almost like taking away a right. So how can it be that we had lived without cars for so long that we need it today? Is that our comfort zone? Is treading outside those boundaries really that difficult?

Maybe humans wish to have everything. We want changes when it suits our needs. But hate the changes which negatively affect us. Do humans really learn to adapt?

Perhaps one develops a reliance on something else which creates that comfort zone? Can one become a little too comfortable and reliant and therefore reluctant to move on even if they are not really happy?

Is it a trade-off or state of mind in which one feels that they cannot find a better substitute and therefore settle with what they already have?

Admittedly, if people were so comfortable, they would not take holidays or breaks from the things which they do. Even professionals sports people who are apparently doing what they love need a break from it all. Without change or a break from the norm, one doesn't really know what they are missing out, or have missed in that period of time.

Perhaps I need a break.