Sunday, 25 September 2011

Notepad Scribbles 20110925

Wow - September has rolled around.  This year has definitely flown by - similar to prior years.  However, this year marks much more for me.  The quantum of change has definitely been up there versus previous years.

Living by myself and having to deal with things myself, although not a foreign concept, has definitely made me appreciate all the times where I had it great.  From the most basic of things such as cooking and cleaning, to the finding a place to stay and buying furniture - it has been a great learning experience. 

In a way, I am happy to have my own place.  My own domain where I can mess up and chill out.  It is definitely special for me.  It is up to me to furnish and me to work out what I want - from where the remotes go, to how often I clean the floors (or have to clean the floors).  Ultimately, I like having that space and freedom.   While the spare room has been running at almost full occupancy, it is good to have another person in the house which adds a different aspect to the place.

Funnily enough, sometimes when I do things now, I can remember my parents making the same statements of reasoning when in similar situations.  In those instances I chuckle to myself and realise that I am my parents' child after all.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Having lived in a serviced apartment for a while, I was starting to establish a habit.  A habit of waking up late and walking to work leisurely.  A habit of leaving dishes and towels to be cleaned.  The floors would be wiped; the rubbish taken out; my bed would be made - by the time I got home in the evening.  Wonderful for those who really don't like housework - like me.

When I looked around the place, I still had my seven boxes in the state which they had arrived - stacked two high in the corner.  My golf clubs were still safely in a box waiting for their next destination.  I hadn't really bought anything substantial - fearful of having to move yet another item when I finally left the place. 

As many habits which I had developed during the time I stayed there, there was something which was gnawing at me to not relax quite yet.  Whether it was the friendly daily "Room cleaning!" shout at the door, or the lack of space in the small serviced apartment - I never felt I was living in my own place.

So it has been a few weeks since I have moved into something more permanent.  I finally felt comfortable enough to unpack all my boxes and pack them away into the shelves.  The major pieces of furniture have arrived and managed to get some kitchen utensils and cutlery as well.  With broadband internet connected as well - what more could I ask for?

Ah - I can finally relax....I'll do those chores a bit later I think...

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Sometimes it isn't exactly fun to be walking about in the rain.  So while we decided where to go for dinner, a drink and chocolates are always a good combination!   We ended up at vero chocolates which is nice place at Fenwick Pier.  Walking in I was pleasantly surprised by the place - it had a nice view across the harbour, even though there was a construction site right next door. 

We were explained the showcase of different chocolates and after making our selection, they came out in a big chocolate basket.  That's right it's made of chocolate.

Apparently this structure only lasts a few days and one patron actually ate one of them thinking it was part of the chocolate experience!

I am keen to go back when the weather is better and try some of the different cakes on display!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Music by the bridge

Decided to tag along and do something rather different - I went along to a free music session whereby bands come and play for passers by.  The equipment is set up well with lights, stages and schedules of performances as well.  Most were playing their own songs so that was quite unique. Unfortunately, this time around it was raining so some of the band members were getting wet and the audiences were huddled around where there was some form of shelter.  All in all, I would go again under different weather conditions.

I really liked the individualism of the guitar:

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Wow - another few months have flown by and who would have thought that so much would have happened.  Floods in northern Australia, overthrown governments, earthquakes and tsunamis, not to mention nuclear reactor issues. My thoughts are with all those who are affected by these tragic events.
On a personal front, my life has seen substantial change, so it is fitting that I restart this blog with a slightly new direction - something I had been meaning to do.

Chuck's Chucks (Chuck Taylors that is...)