Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Skills Required

So in a further effort to get down into my new targets for the year, I bit the bullet and decided that I needed to stop doing research and waiting for the "latest and greatest" as the opportunity cost was that I was not learning anything and the risk was that a quarter of the year has already gone by! Here is my new toy:

Now I have no excuses and I have to learn more about taking better photos and learn all the camera controls. In this digital age, I gather that post processing is also a key skill to have and so more attributes are required than just pressing a button.

Having moved from a 35mm film based cameras (Minolta and Nikon) to the digital format, I must admit that I find it easier to learn on the spot, rather than having to take down all my settings and then analysing the results when I get the prints back. Nothing worse than thinking I have captured a great moment to only realise that the photo was incorrectly exposed or was out of focus! Not that I can't learn, it's just slow going.

Fiddling with different camera settings and taking the time to delve into photography has made me realise how one's eyes are truly remarkable in being able to focus and detect contrast from light to shade so quickly.

So a sample photo from my new camera is here (and of me taking the photo too!):

At the moment, I am shooting on "borrowed glass" so I know what my next expenditure will have to be!

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Anonymous said...

Mate, great to see! With your capture, just watch your white-balance (bet it was captured indoors under poorly lit conditions).

Adjust it as part of your PP routine (hence the power of raw)!!

Look forward to seeing more :)