Sunday, 16 February 2014

Galloping into the new year

It seems that updating has merely come down to being an annual event - not good!

The prior year was definitely a busy one for me.  Some fun filled memories on the travel front and definitely opened up from the perspective of experiences.  The outdoor oriented travel experiences was rounded out with mountain biking (hard!) and white water rafting (easy rapids were fun) which has inspired me to keep fit.  While it forced more photography, it also highlighted that more effort and work is still required!  Will be working on it a bit more I think. 

With the year well on its way, interesting that I already have already been on one trip and have another trip planned, so sounds like another year of travelling!
Once the weather improves, I will be hitting the driving range a bit more, but I had definitely seen swing consistency improvement in the last round of golf I played.  
Joining a gym is a bit of a first for me.  It's been great in terms of keeping up fitness intraweek without being too weather dependant.  While some people pay to go to bootcamp so that a sadistic instructor can shout and put one down, I am hoping that the mere financial burden would be sufficient motivation.  Hopefully the reason for the lack of updates is because I am there!

To be honest, I really hate it when things break down, but perhaps I need to face the reality that these things happen.  So it looks like some hardware upgrades might be due: 
  • Looking back, I have had my MacBook for a while.  For a seven year old machine, it still runs pretty well (after the upgrades I had done), but sadly, I am doubtful it would be able to cope well with much of the newer software and slow to update photos.  So at this stage, thinking about a high powered desktop, but might sound a bit too old school, given laptops these days are reasonably powerful and portable.
  • My beloved PS3 has decided to give me the red flashing lights and refuses to turn on.  Definitely not because of overuse (I wish!) but likely snubbing me out of neglect.  Thankfully, I managed to back it up right before it has gotten really bad.  Have been quoted a fix price at a quarter the price of a new one and with no guarantees it's really forcing me down the option of undertaking a self fix of some description. Or just get a new one.  Or just get a PS4....or an XBox One.  Damn it - too many options!
  • (Ok, so I have already updated my phone in January, but for completeness:) My phone was quite sluggish and failed to get onto some of the wireless points in certain instances, which was very frustrating.  Not only that, the battery life was wearing thin and in all likelihood, could not support the latest OS updates without running like a two legged dog.  The pace of technological improvements meant I had a lot of choices, so decide to go with a larger screen size without compromising much on battery life and changed ecosystems as well. Am quite happy so far, but has been a learning experience with different controls and functionality.

With all of these, off to an interesting start!

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